We seen children with wide range of nutritional deficiencies. This may be due to improper weaning (change from breast milk to other feeds), nutritional deficiencies, poor oral intake, inability to swallow, food allergy, failure to thrive, sickness etc., Underlying conditions can also contribute to malnourishment such as heart or kidney disease, certain surgical procedures or other disorders, intensive care and food allergy etc., Good nutrition is important for the child with stand the load of disease process to quickly come out of it.

Some of the child who cannot eat or drink orally (by themselves) may require to be fed through tube passed into stomach from nose (nasogastric feeds) or directly into the veins (Total Parenteral Nutrition). Our nutritionist takes round of all the patients and assess the nutritional status and plans diet in hospital accordingly and give dietary advice at the time of discharge. Their services are also available for outpatient children with minor nutritional ailments of feeding disorders.

Services Offered

  • Outpatient nutritional assessment and detary plan
  • Nutritional assessment of all in patient children
  • Calculating energy and calories required for all in patient and planning their dietary schedule
  • Calculating, administering and reassessing patient requiring nasogastric and parenteral nutrition.
  • Preparing total parenteral nutrition (TPN) under strict hygiene and special precautions
  • Follow up nutritional assessment and advice